About Me

My name is Beth and, as you might’ve guessed by now, I live at 919 Carolina Avenue in Durham, North Carolina.

I grew up in Georgia, but have been living in Durham for the past 10 years and now consider it my hometown. It is my honor and privilege to work at the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service. It took me over 15 years of study and hard work to achieve this career, and I am more than grateful for all the people who have helped me get this far.

After living in Durham for six years working at Duke, UNC, and the VA, I felt sure that I wanted to be in this area for a long time. I decided to purchase a home near my workplace, and settled on the house at 919 Carolina. Coming from a single parent family background with less than stellar financial resources, this was huge. To say that it was my dream home isn’t accurate, because I never even dreamed this big. Meanwhile, I didn’t have the down payment funds required but took a leap of faith that I could afford the cost over time. So, in May 2013, I moved into this house and began the next chapter of my life.

Anyway, that’s all just background for the story that I’m here to share. I’m not trying to raise money or orchestrate any sort of campaign. Of course, I would be happy to prevent someone else’s suffering, or raise awareness that this sort of thing happens to real people. But at the end of the day, this is just for sharing my story and hopefully, letting go of some of this dreadful experience – two burglaries in less than 6 months.

Some might say this blog is a bad idea, maybe a risk. That’s a risk I’m willing to take, because silence hasn’t gotten me anywhere either. I’m tired of feeling like I’m in the wrong somehow. Cheers!